Off the Shelf Technologies Creating Energy Innovation and Triple Bottom Line Project Developments


Thank you for visiting the virtual home for Rappaport Energy Consulting.  We are in the process of updating our website to provide you a more professional and robust representation of our company, projects and initiatives.

Although we have been successful in many areas of renewable energy development, our primary focus is the financing and installation of a low temperature geothermal solar hybrid power plant.

Using off the shelf technologies, our low risk projects may be described as carbon free, peak demand serving, closed loop, community scale, distributed generation energy plays with numerous rural community economic development opportunities.  In addition to traditional Power Purchase Agreements, we are building partnerships with businesses and industry who may utilize our onsite excess heat.  Examples of these applications include greenhouses, aquaponics, food processing, breweries, resorts, district heat, etc…

Our president owns the patent to this concept and we feel the current technology as well as the upcoming technologies create an economically sustainable development opportunity.  Our partners in this effort include the United States Department of Energy, DAWNBREAKER, NREL and many more to come.

We are continually building our commercialization pipeline as well as investor base.  If you would like to learn more about these low risk high value projects, feel free to contact us.

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