Off the Shelf Technologies Creating Energy Innovation and Triple Bottom Line Project Developments

Meet the Team

The core of our development team consists of Marc Rappaport, Douglas Van Zandt and Philip Krain. We are fortunate to work with a number of diverse advisors, Oregon Tech as well as DAWNBREAKER (The Commercialization Company).

Marc Rappaport President

Marc has been involved in renewable energy for over forty years. He served as the founding president and a charter member of the Oregon Solar Energy Association in 1971. Over the years, he has chaired and participated in committees within a diverse number of industries including biomass, solar, biofuels, geothermal, etc…

In 1972, he invented the geothermal-solar hybrid system, for which he was later awarded the basic patent. During the same period, Marc engineered and developed the business plan for what is now Biomass One, L.P. This 30 mW biomass plant in Medford, Oregon has been in commercial operation for the past 26 years. He served as a founder, general partner and managing partner of this project which remains a very profitable operation.

Although in retirement, it was clear the geothermal and solar thermal industries have evolved to the point where the hybrid system was feasible. Marc’s recognition of this feasibility has earned him a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the Department of Energy, which is our current focus.

In 2007, as a result of his pioneering works, he now holds the honor of being the only American asked to present at the Sustainability of the Planet conference in Stockholm, Sweden.