Off the Shelf Technologies Creating Energy Innovation and Triple Bottom Line Project Developments

Geothermal Solar Hybrid System

In this process, low temperature geothermal is boosted to a suitable working temperature with a solar parabolic trough assembly to drive an Organic Rankine Cycle engine. (ORC)  This development initiative is a direct result of the patent work created by Marc Rapapport.  REC LLC was awarded a Department of Energy Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant to assist in the development of our proof of concept power plant.

The reason why hybrid systems create value is the risk inherent within geothermal well development.  Depending upon the resource being developed, resource evaluation can be an imperfect science.  There are many existing wells and production facilities which have accrued significant investment expenses only to realize a resource below viable production standards. REC LLC’s hybrid system creates an improved or viable production resource as well as mitigates risk for the development of future resources.

We are actively seeking an appropriate location for this proof of concept.   This opportunity reflects a common problem, for underperforming wells connected to Organic Rankine Cycle generators.  As such, we are working intimately with our strategic partners to create this new energy segment.  After completion of this pilot plant, we will be positioned to scale up plant size into larger commercial applications.

Using off the shelf technologies, our low risk projects may be described as peak demand serving, closed loop, community scale, distributed and sustainable energy generation with numerous rural community economic development opportunities.   In addition to traditional Power Purchase Agreements, we are building partnerships with businesses and industry who may utilize our onsite excess heat.  Examples of these partner businesses and applications include greenhouses, aquaponics, food processing, breweries, resorts, district heating, etc…