Off the Shelf Technologies Creating Energy Innovation and Triple Bottom Line Project Developments

Technology Development Experience

Although REC’s primary focus is the development of our hybrid system, as a team, we have energy development experience within many industries.  Collectively, we have experience developing projects in Biomass, Biofuels, Biogas, wind, solar and other technologies.  This adaptability as well as broad industry knowledge is important when new ventures are competing for financing against existing technologies.


Examples of these projects include:

Biomass One – (Medford, Oregon)  30 MW cogeneration power plant in Medford, Oregon

Biofuels – (Bozeman, Montana) 120 million dollar development initiative retracted due to market shifts in pricing

Biogas – (Bornholm, Denmark)  10 million dollar development initiative using pig waste to create methane, natural formaldehyde glue and spray dried urea

Solar Photovoltaic – 25 Megawatts installed throughout the United States financed by means of third party and direct party means

Small Wind – (Multiple locations) Performed wind assessments, wrote feasibility studies and pitched multiple sites for numerous clients

Other Technologies  and Design Experience – Fuel Cells, Generators, Passive Solar, Efficiencies and Conservation